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Coil coating is an automated, continuous process used to efficiently coat coils of aluminum before it is cut and formed and so providing a tightly bonded surface finish.

The aluminum coil is delivered from the rolling mills to the beginning of the line, then unwound at a constant speed. It passes through a series of pre-treatment and coating processes, and is then recoiled. Coils can be added and removed at either end of the line, allowing a continuous process.

The metal is uncoiled, then cleaned and brushed before undergoing chemical surface treatment. Next, it is dried, primed, cured and coated. Each of these steps may potentially introduce surface defects which will be difficult to detect once the strip is cooled and recoiled.

Because of the speed and continuous nature of the process, it is essential to have a real-time, automated inspection system. The ability to ‘virtually rewind’ the coil through video playback is ideal for defect assessment and quality checks.
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