Steel Times International, Future Steel Forum 2019 Edition - Developing Trends in Metal Production Surface Inspection

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Read our latest article in Steel Times International magazine where we discuss the developing trends in metal production surface inspection.

Steel Times InternationalHistorically, surface inspection systems have been built on the adaptation of traditional camera technologies. This has consisted of looking for anomalies in a blackand white image in a 2D landscape, and then using software technologies to automatically sort and classify them.This has been the basis for quality inspection, particularly in the metals industry, for the past two decades.

Within this landscape, the fundamental issues were relatively straightforward, with only one question to answer: how surface inspection system manufacturers optimise both the optical set-up and the software filtering technologies required to process hundreds of thousands of false detections, or non-critical pseudo-defects with the vision system. These pseudo-defects could be detections that are just standard anomalies within the product, or within the variability of the process.

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