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Surface Inspection Solutions for Metallized Paper – New Application Note

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

AMETEK Surface Vision's new application note looks at how a continuous, automated surface inspection system will monitor metallized paper to provide effective quality control for all production stages. 

Surface Inspection Solutions for Metallized Paper - Application Note (EN)

Metallized paper is produced by coating paper with a thin layer of vaporized aluminum, giving it a finish that adds decorative and protective properties to the product. It is primarily used in packaging, for example in labels, inner liners, gift wrap and other consumer product applications. 

The sustainability of paper, and the superior appearance of a metallic surface, promotes this application in the packaging market.

The production process consists of several steps, during which different layers of coatings and a layer of metal are applied to the surface. A thin protective layer supports and safeguards the metallic surface appearance of the paper.

Beginning with the surface quality of the base material – the coated paper – all subsequently applied processes may introduce various defects that could affect either the visual aspect of the metallized surface, or the further processing of the final product (for example, printing). Any of these defects may seriously affect the quality of the final product.

Read in full the Surface Inspection Solutions for Metallized Paper Application Note