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SmartAdvisor® Upgrade Provides New Benefits for Monitoring Continuous Processes

Thursday, October 15, 2020

AMETEK Surface Vision has upgraded its SmartAdvisor® web and process monitoring system, providing additional benefits for customers.

AMETEK Surface Vision SmartAdvisor® Brochure EN

Versatile and easy to use, SmartAdvisor® is a video monitoring solution that helps maximize machine efficiency and yield rates. It provides high-speed, high-definition video monitoring,and process analysis to the paper, board, and tissue industries.

Camera synchronization technology delivers real-time root cause analysis of defects and process interruption. This is supported by simultaneous video capture and review that provides multiple hours of footage for troubleshooting.

Key benefits of the SmartAdvisor® system include:

•  Increased line efficiency and yield
•  Accurate image synchronization
•  Multiple views across the process line
•  Seamless integration with the SmartView web inspection system

Additionally, SmartAdvisor’s customizable system configuration can be applied in a flexible, scalable way to fit individual production requirements, delivering the most capable and cost-effective solution for each user.

Volker Kölmel, Global Manager Plastic, Nonwovens and Paper at AMETEK Surface Vision comments, “Designed for today’s hands-on troubleshooter, SmartAdvisor delivers proven and significant benefits from the moment it’s installed. Using perfectly synchronized high-speed cameras, strategically placed along the paper machine, SmartAdvisor accurately syncs video frames from each camera to generate a complete overview that helps identify the root cause of web defects and breaks.”

The latest version of SmartAdvisor® has a new user interface that improves ease of use and supports Windows 10 and Windows 7 for installation on mill networks. The upgrade also increases storage capacity for video review, allowing more than three days of image storage all at full resolution and framerate. Higher-definition cameras and multi-light control further improve image quality and the capability to identify the root cause of web breaks.

Installation costs are lowered by the introduction of a fiber-optic backbone for the cameras, which offers higher system reliability and performance. This further facilitates the modification of camera locations if required.

AMETEK Surface Vision’s process experts will help customers select the best web and process video monitoring solution for their individual process, with modular hardware and advanced technical support.

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