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Discover the Benefits of Advanced Winder Advisor for Nonwovens Manufacture From AMETEK Surface Vision

Friday, April 23, 2021

AMETEK Surface Vision has launched a new application note for customers in the nonwovens sector.

ThThe Role of the SmartView Advanced Winder Advisor in Nonwovens Manufacture - Application Note (EN)e application note focuses on the role of the Advanced Winder Advisor (AWA) and its seamless integration with AMETEK Surface Vision's SmartView Inspection System to create a closed-loop quality control solution on nonwoven production lines. It also reveals the key quality control benefits for manufacturers that ultimately lead to an increase in efficiency, production speed, and overall product yield. 

The AWA tool allows winders to be accurately and repeatedly stopped to remove defects and proprietary synchronization technology enables automatic stops at the exact location of a detected defect.

The AWA tool offers three key functions: mark reading and position tracking; winder control; and inspection review and editing. Two models are available, allowing synchronized defect tracking with or without winder control.

Using the AWA tool assists process optimization and supports target list editing and defect reclassification, with a more thorough and objective grading of materials. It provides automated stopping or slowing at critical defects, with absolute web location tracking and automatic re-synchronization.

AWA Application Note Image

Other benefits include the capability to review inspection data in-process, along with forward and reverse mark reading.

Inspection reports are presented in a simple, easy-to-use format that reflects the actions of the operator during winder operations.

When used together with the SmartView Inspection System, it helps manufacturers enhance their production process, automatically identify defects – and their position – and helps diagnose the root cause of issues.

To find out more about this closed-loop quality control system for nonwoven production lines, download the application note from the AMETEK Surface Vision website by clicking here