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AMETEK Surface Vision Increases Online Support for Customers in China - 阿美特克视觉检测为中国客户增加在线服务支持

Monday, July 5, 2021

Customers looking for automatic online surface inspection and monitoring solutions in China will benefit from the launch of a new website from AMETEK Surface Vision. 

寻求自动在线表面检测和监控方案的中国客户将从AMETEK Surface Vision新上线的网站获益。

Chinese Website

The leading provider of online surface inspection solutions, AMETEK Surface Vision, has introduced a new online resource in Chinese to help customers find the right product for the inspection and monitoring of surfaces and webs and other process monitoring applications. 

AMETEK Surface Vision,作为在线表面检测方案的领先提供者,现引入新的在线中文资源平台,帮助客户找到适于检测和监控表面和材料以及工艺流程所需的正确产品。

With a wide range of resources — including application notes, case studies, technology and product information, industry-specific advice and contact information — the new website will provide instant knowledge and expertise for those looking to reduce operating costs, optimize their process, maximize output, and improve quality.


AMETEK Surface Vision provides products and solutions for a wide range of industries, including metals, paper, plastic film, and nonwovens.  The SmartView® and SmartAdvisor® systems provide powerful and flexible solutions for continuous production processes to customers around the world. With more than 2,600 practical applications, SmartView and SmartAdvisor improve efficiency, simplify operations, improve product quality, and reduce the cost and waste of industrial processes.

AMETEK Surface Vision 为众多行业提供了产品和解决方案,包括金属、造纸、塑料膜和无纺布行业。
SmartView®和SmartAdvisor®产品线为全球客户的连续生产过程提供了强大而灵活的解决方案。在全球有逾2600套系统的安装应用实例, SmartView 和 SmartAdvisor系统利于提高效率、简化运营、提高产品质量、降低工业流程成本和浪费。 

Shuhua Wang, Surface Vision’s Sales Director, China, said: “Manufacturers rely on our solutions to detect product surface flaws or defects in their production facilities. Our new website will help customers in this region get to the information quickly and easily. It is a valuable resource for manufacturers looking to improve their product quality and process.”

王淑华,Surface Vision中国销售总监,谈及:“制造商依靠我们的解决方案检测他们生产线产品的表面瑕疵或缺陷。我们的新网站将帮助客户快速且方便地获取这个领域的信息。这是一个很有价值的资源,利于制造商寻求到提高他们产品质量和工艺的解决方案。

To find out more, contact AMETEK Surface Vision
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