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AMETEK Surface Vision Provides Expert Remote Visual Support Through Real-Time Video Streams

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

AMETEK Surface Vision has implemented a new, next-generation visual collaboration service to provide real-time remote support to customers.

Using remote visual assistance software to create a virtual interactive presence, AMETEK Surface Vision enables its experts to virtually work side-by-side with anyone needing help, anywhere in the world. Customers benefit by seeing an expert in their environment, with both the customer and the expert in the same video stream.

AMETEK Surface Vision Provides Expert Remote Visual Support Through Real-Time Video Streams It works by blending two real-time video streams into a merged reality environment. This allows the support team to accelerate the problem diagnosis, and work with the customer to solve it quickly.  

Paul Stuyt, Global Manager of Projects, AMETEK Surface Vision, explained: "If a customer is in front of a rack with lots of switches, the tool will allow them to show us the problem. If they point with their finger, we see it on the screen. We can then draw a circle on our screens to show which switch is needed, or super-impose pictures over each other to illustrate what to do."

Beyond being a useful support tool, the software provides a variety of other uses as well. It can be used to support the remote commissioning of surface inspection and web monitoring systems, with Surface Vision experts guiding the customer through installation and set-up.

It can also be used for open-package inspection and unboxing to ensure a delivered crate's contents are correct, allowing AMETEK Surface Vision to explain what each part is as it is unpacked.

AMETEK Surface Vision is looking to widen this approach, with a similar application for remote training already in development.

Paul added: "Even before the COVID-19 pandemic made remote support critical, we were working on ways to widen our range of remote tools for customers, particularly for training. It means we will be able to offer short, 5- to 10-minute sessions on a certain issue or topic, without the time and expense of customers travelling to our site, or vice versa.”

To find out more about the remote visual collaboration service contact us here