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Inspect International - April 2022

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Read our latest article in Inspect International, where our experts discuss web inspection and monitoring platforms and how they can determine the cause of glass fiber production defects.

Inspect International - April 2022"A special type of synthetic fiber, glass fiber is also known as fiber glass, and is a material consisting of numerous, extremely fine fibers of glass. Its growing use in nonwoven applications has increased the need for accurate, automated inspection.

The strength and versatility of glass as a fiber makes it unique as an industrial textile material. nonwoven end products based on glass fibers have a huge market and can be found almost everywhere in ceiling tiles, cushion vinyl flooring, insulation, wallpapers, and surfaces, geotextiles, batteries, and of course roofing materials, as well as in many other applications.

Glass fiber, as a basic component, is an excellent composite material and offers numerous advantages that give their esulting products unique properties. These nonwovens are known for excellent thermal insulation, high tensile strength, and extreme moisture repellency"

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