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Automated Surface Inspection for ARANIA’s Skin Pass Mill

Monday, March 16, 2020

ARANIA S.A has installed AMETEK Surface Vision’s SmartView automated inspection system on its skin pass mill to ensure steel quality.

SmartView Metals - ARANIA Case Study ENARANIA’s production process consists of pickling line, cold rolling mills, annealing furnace, skin pass mill and multiple slitting lines. The standards and certifications are maintained by the internal laboratory. 

The laboratory is focused on the needs of the customers: the different product analyses that guarantee the highest quality and, of course, the fulfillment in design specification. 

Rafael Mendoza, ARANIA S.A. IDQ Product Development Manager, said: “The sophisticated inspection systems in steel industries were historically reserved for big size steel producers. There are numerous companies of ARANIA’s size which have never considered inspection systems. Today, however, our customers are expecting the highest quality and flexible small volume deliveries.”

To meet these expectations, ARANIA was looking to implement an automated inspection system, with the primary goal of assuring automotive customers that the delivered material met top quality requirements.

Nearly 70% of the steel production goes through the skin pass mill. This is a quarto mill workspace with a radio-isotope gauge for thickness measuring, using antioxidant thixotropic oils and precision surface finish work rolls to deliver a high-quality final product.

The skin pass process only modifies the material thickness by 0.5 to 1.5%, but significantly increases the surface smoothness of the coils, unifies the thickness and improves their mechanical properties.

This made the skin pass mill the selected site for the installation of the inspection system.
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