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Co-forming is a proprietary meltblowing technique that is used to produce a thick, drapable, cloth-like material that has pillow-like qualities. This material is highly flexible and gentle to the skin, making it ideal for cleaning wipes and personal care applications.

Melted polypropylene is extruded into a high-velocity airstream, together with wood-pulp fibers, forming a fibrous web. Altering the ratio of polymer to pulp affects the material properties, altering stability, flexibility, thickness and texture as required. Varying levels of strength and absorbency can be achieved.

Because co-formed nonwovens are often used for personal care applications including hand and face wipes, surface quality is important to achieve required performance. In addition, co-form materials respond well to surface treatment options – a reliable surface inspection system will ensure a defect-free surface for this treatment.
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