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Spunlace / Hydroentangled

Spunlaced nonwovens tend to be soft with a relatively high strength and drape, making them ideal for surgical and protective clothing, as well as filters, wipes and towels. The absence of a binding agent makes it easy to sterilize these fabrics at high temperatures. This, along with relatively high absorption qualities, is the chief reason for their use in medical applications.

Loose fibers on a porous belt or moving screen form a sheet structure through the application of multiple fine, high-pressure jets of water. The jets cause the fibers to knot around each other, forming a web which is then dewatered and dried. Water quality is essential to process efficiency.

Automated monitoring supports the surface quality of the finished material. In addition, an accurate inspection system will alert the operator to any web problems caused by impurities in the water. This can be a vital indication of water recycling and filtration problems that may affect the entire process.
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