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A specialty process for high quality plastic film, calendaring applies heat and pressure to melted polymer, allowing customized surface treatments of the film; inspection systems can reinforce product quality. 

Mainly used for PVC and other modified thermoplastics, calendaring subjects the melted polymer to heat and pressure in an extruder, where it is formed into sheets or film by calendar rolls. The properties of the film depend on the temperature and speed of the rolls.

Calendaring allows embossing and in-line lamination, and can also be used to enhance the physical characteristics of the plastic. However, the application of heat and the contact pressure of the rollers can create surface defects which may be difficult to detect.

With calendar rolls applying pressure to the plastic, it is essential to monitor the surface for defects and other imperfections which could cause web breaks or a low-quality product. An automated, non-contact solution provides superior monitoring to manual methods, which can be difficult to accomplish in these conditions.
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