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T-Die / Flat-Die

These dies are used in flat sheet extrusion to provide a constant cross-sectional profile of liquid polymer. Non-uniform flow can result in buckling or other defects.

For creating plastic films and sheets that are too thick to be produced by blown film extrusion, flat sheet extrusion dies are used. The T-die and Flat-die are used to guide the flow of melted polymer to create a thin, planar flow which is both constant and uniform.

Incorrect temperatures, pressure fluctuation and impurities in the die can cause uneven sheet thickness or surface defects in the extruded sheet. Automated monitoring is recommended for this continuous process.

A high-precision, automatic inspection system will monitor the extruded sheets for defects without interfering with the process, and provides a real-time solution that does not slow down production. Die errors can affect large quantities of product, so early detection is essential to reduce costly waste.
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