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Heat Sealing

This process is used to join one plastic to another (or itself) using heat and pressure. The integrity of this process can be ensured by accurate monitoring which will detect any defects.

For an effective heat seal, plastics or materials with a thermoplastic layer can be joined together using a heated die or sealing bar. Heat sealing is used for many applications, including heat seal connectors used to join displays to printed circuit boards in many consumer electronics products. 

Heat sealing works on most plastic coatings or surfaces, and is well suited to high-speed operations. The sealing of the plastic relies on its ability to act as its own bond-forming agent, with no separate adhesive required.

Both heat and pressure can cause defects in plastic surfaces, so applying both together is more likely to introduce problems, requiring careful monitoring throughout the process. Since many consumer electronic components being heat-sealed are relatively expensive, it is important to ensure that a high-quality heat seal is achieved.
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