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Winder Slitter

Slitters cut the large plastic film rolls into narrower rolls, which can inadvertently cause tears and other imperfections to the film. Inspection of the process helps safeguard against a damaged product.

The winder slitter is the area where plastic film is trimmed to the correct width to form the finished product. The film is unwound, then slit to a pre-programmed width before being wound into a smaller roll. This can be a hazardous area for manual surface inspection, so an automated solution is recommended.

The master roll is webbed through the slitter area, where it is then trimmed to size with sharp circular blades. The multiple strips of narrower film formed by this slitting process are then individually rewound onto new cores to create the finished product.

With the plastic film being unrolled prior to slitting, and rewound shortly after the slitter, there is potential for process interruptions or web breaks. Automated monitoring can support process continuity and efficiency, while also detecting any surface defects or smaller tears in the film.
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